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The Student Council at South Charlotte Middle is devoted to serving our community and our school.

Next meeting will be: February 24th before school at 7:30

Upcoming events:
1. Talent Show (March 26)
2. March Madness Basketball Tournament (March)

Student Council Bylaws

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2013-2014 Officers
President- Lauren Caterino
Vice President- Gracie Koch
Secretary- Maggie Lytle

2013-2014 Representatives
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
RT Williamson
Kira Thrower
Jacob Slattery
Katherine Balas
Aditya Sridharan
Maggie Lytle
Joshua Bass
Leigh Millinder
Justis Malker
Avery Robertson
Anuj Kalia
Lauren Caterino
Cole Patton
Julie Macchiaverna
Emily Brown
Maya Gavia
Ethan Lattimore
Gracie Koch
Kevin Moo
Aurian Bayat
Noah Atkinson
Kylie Hollingsworth
Ethan Evans
Carson Blalock
Maria Echeverry
Bryanna Payne
Michelle Braga
William Evans

Stratton Bacogeorge

Ian Bodenheimer

Marina Faillace